Special Talk on Research Paper Writing
chdj 发布于: 2016-12-07

Special Talk on Research Paper Writing

All of those who are interested in are welcome to join:  

Date and Time:  

10:00~(~1 hr+) December 13, Tuesday, 2016




1.  Comments on writing thesis

2.  How to write a research paper

3.  How to write a reviewer report


Osamu Wada (CAS-IS, Kobe University)

中国科学院国际访问学者(CAS President’s International Fellowship for Visiting Scientists)

Editorial experience:

Currently: Associate Editor for Opt.Rev.(OSJ),

Formerly: Editor for J.Phys.D(IOP),

Senior Advisor for Jpn.J.Appl.Phy/Appl.Phys.Exp.(JSAP).