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澳大利亚新南威尔士大学的 Dr Peter Reece 来实验室进行学术交流
2010-09-15 点击次数:
    应王占国院士的邀请,澳大利亚新南威尔士大学的 Dr Peter Reece 来到我们实验室进行学术交流并做报告。

报告题目:Optical trapping and Characterisation of InP Semiconductor Nanowires

人:Dr Peter Reece

摘    要:

    We describe a novel technique combining gradient force optical tweezers and micro-photoluminescence for characterizing single optically trapped III-V compound semiconductor nanowires in suspension. In this arrangement an infrared (1064nm) laser is focused through a high numerical aperture objective lens to create 3D optical trap for nanowires aligned in an axial direction. A second visible laser (514nm) focused through the objective provides a source for exciting luminescence from the nanowire. Using this micro-photoluminescence set-up we may investigate compositional properties of the nanowires such as, the presence of quantum heterostructures, crystalline polytypes, and stacking faults. Optical trapping properties such as trap stiffness and escape velocities may also provide important geometrical information about the nanowires such as length, diameter and refractive index, which may be exploited to further distinguish objects in poly-dispersed mixture. For probing the optical trapping properties of the nanowires, we use a quadrant photodiode detection system and fast frame-rate video imaging.

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