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美国Texas Tech University的江红星教授来实验室进行学术交流
2010-06-04 点击次数:

    受王占国院士邀请,美国Texas Tech University的Hongxing Jiang(江红星)教授2010年5月19日来实验室进行学术交流,并作了题为:III-Nitride semiconductors:  From Energy Savings to Energy Generation 学术报告。


The III-nitride wide bandgap semiconductors have been at the center stage in the semiconductor research and development effort over the last decade.  Photonic/electronic devices based on III-nitrides, including UV/blue/green/white LEDs, violet/blue LDs, UV detectors, and high power/temperature transistors, have been successfully realized.  This talk will provide a brief overview on recent advances made by our group in the area of micro- and nano-photonic nitride structures and devices.  These materials/devices have applications ranging from solid-state lighting, sensors, entertainment, to optical communications.  Besides applications for energy savings through the emerging solid-state lighting technology, I will also discuss the prospects of nitride semiconductors for energy generation.  Our preliminary works on III-nitrides for thermoelectric (TE) materials and devices, solar cells, and hydrogen generation using solar water splitting, will be presented. 

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